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fresh jive like a mo fo

(my life as a dork)

Serious as a hadattack
3 June
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punk female disguised as a tame mom to some of the funkiest chicas known to mankind, trapped in the daily surroundings of suburbia and screaming to break free of ruts, routine and mundane chores.
a life less ordinary, afi, alias, ann rice, anti-flag, ashton, at the drive in, audio bullies, badreligion, basement jaxx, beastie boys, big band, big black, bjork, calvin and hobbes, chinese food, clash, clubs, coen brothers, coldplay, colorado, consulting, cramps, crestfallen, cure, dancing, dancing at clubs, dead kennedys, deadcandance, denver public schools, digable planets, disabilities, diy, donnas, drug free, education, emo, erykah badu, ewan macgregor, fugazi, further seems forever, garden state, geneaology, girl punk, going to shows, green day, harry potter, helmet, hip hop, hobbits, idea 97, indie, japanese food, jawbreaker, jello biafra, jimmy eat world, jk rowling, johnny cash, joy division, jrr tolkien, kissing, leonard cohen, lord of the rings, lucious jackson, matrix, mexican food, middle school, minor threat, music, new model army, old school, old skool rap, old skool vans, ozomatli, peanut butter cookies, pennywise, piercing, piercings, pinhead circus, pixies, psychedelic furs, public enemy, punk, punk rock, q-tip, radio 1190, radiohead, ramones, reading, reading books, rockabilly, sadie, salt and vinegar chips, samiam, screeching weasel, scrubs, section 504, shelter, ska, skateboarding, slim cessna's auto club, snoop dogg, snowboarding, social distortion, souls of mischief, special education, specials, star wars, stay at home moms, stray cats, street punk, sunny day real estate, sushi, taking back sunday, tattooing, tattoos, teachers, the apples in stereo, the clash, the cure, the czars, the gamits, the hives, the mars volta, the queers, the simpsons, the smiths, the specials, the vines, thrice, toddlers, torey hayden, trainspotting, tribe called quest, vandals, veronica mars, warlock pinchers, weezer, westword, white stripes, wu-tang clan, yoga, youth of today